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  Nicole Dubach, born in South Africa and raised in Switzerland, had a taste for art, travel and adventure since the beginning. After studying economics she discovered her passion for photography. She started assisting various talents in different fields and attended photography school.

In 1994 she moved to New York to work with a photographer who was exploring the digital world with interactive touch screen projects as well as web design.

Her focus on retouching became serious when she started working for Box studio in 1996, when Pascal Dangin gave her the opportunity to become a professional retoucher.

From that time on Nicole has worked with amazing talents and in 2003 started her own business. Her main focus is respecting the art of photography and underlining the aesthetic of the image by using her technical knowledge to pursue a natural look. Nicole offers her clients a rare combination of creative insight with a personal relationship. She has worked for many publications and campaigns and loves to remain in the shadow of the spotlight.

Nicole is based in Zuerich and New York where she enjoys the creative energy and diversity of the city and travels for the peace and beauty of other places.